Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I signup for a Viral Agent account.

Sign up at https://ViralAgent.AI

How do I create my first story using the Viral Agent AI writer?

Here is a quick video overview of how to easily have AI write a fantastic story.

Is there any kind of story examples that can be followed?

Here are some links to published story examples:

Listing Example Here
Closing Example Here
Story Example Here

Do you have any guarantees about my Viral Agent performance and pickup online?

We do guarantee permanent placement of Viral Agent story at as well as the network of over 1,000 news sites. This will assist in online presence and search engine availability.

Google News uses algorithms to determine pickup. Here are some Google News general guidelines as they are all about ensuring quality content.
Three key things to pay attention to:
Content Type – The content should be timely, relevant and newsworthy.
Original & Readable – Ensure that content is original and easy to read by many education levels.
Trustworthy – Your content should offer a clear fact based on expertise and reliability of what is written.
Google is now looking for a more journalistic style of writing. This means your content should reflect that of a journalist in the field that your press release is conveying.

How can I make a change to or take down a published Viral Agent story?

Simply contact with your request and we will reply back with confirmation your request was handled.

How long will it take for my Viral Agent story to get published once submitted?

You can expect your Viral Agent story to be published within 24-hours from the time of submission. If submitted on the Weekend, it may not publish until Monday morning.

How can I make a special request to editorial concerning my submission?

An example might be to request your story to be published on a specific date or time. Before you submit your Viral Agent story to us, just place any notes to us in brackets [note to editorial] somewhere in your document and we will follow those instructions.

Who owns is wholly owned and operated by USA News, LLC. It was founded by business consultant and entrepreneur Gallant Dill. He is currently the CEO.

My question has not been answered here. Who can I contact?

Email your detailed questions to and we will gladly assist.